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Health Information

Generalized Post-operative Instructions

The day of your surgery, you will be asked to report to the location designated by Dr. Leggett 2-3 hours ahead of your surgical procedure. This is to allow for several things:

  • Adequate check in time
  • Unexplained delays
  • Any last minute testing required
  • To expedite the surgery schedule

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your family. If there is a problem with this, please alert the office. Wear comfortable loose clothing and flat shoes the day of your surgery.

You may remove your dressing the day after your surgery unless otherwise instructed. There will be paper strips over your incision if your sutures are absorbable. Leave these on until the edges start to roll up. Once the edges have rolled up feel free to remove the strips. This will be somewhere around 5-7 days. You may shower and / or bathe as usual and continue with any other daily hygiene practices. It does not hurt to get your incision wet!

It is expected that you will experience a certain amount of discomfort from your incision. Pain medication will be prescribed for you when indicated. If none is prescribed for you, then you may take Extra Strength Tylenol. Also, a certain amount of swelling around your incision is expected. To help decrease the pain and swelling you may apply a heating pad. First place a towel over the area then the heating pad.

Please have family members wait in the waiting room until Dr. Leggett comes out to speak with them. Going elsewhere can result in missing Dr. Leggett.

You may drive when you feel like you can step on the gas and brake and turn around without getting into a wreck. DO NOT take your pain medication and drive.

Sexual activity maybe resumed as you feel like it.