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Dr Leggett's fellowship began in Houston in 1999. At that time he had just one fellow. In 2003 the fellowship added a second fellow. The fellowship is part of Minimally Invasive Surgery of Texas (MIST). Although Dr Leggett is in private practice, the fellowship is affiliated with the University of Texas. This is a busy one year fellowship with both clinical and research responsibilities. The fellowship has a large and varied case load in both laparoscopy and endoscopy.

The program is based at Houston Northwest Medical Center. A small portion is also taught at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the medical center. There is also opportunity for robotic training and certification in its use.


Dr. Philip Leggett           


The fellowship is very busy with a well-rounded experience in types of laparoscopic cases. A fellow may experience an average of 600-700 cases. The case mix is as follows:


Each fellow is expected to complete several projects for presentation at The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons, the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons, ASBS, or the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons. The fellows are also expected to assist in the upkeep in the laparoscopy databases. Previous presentations and papers include:


The fellowship is affiliated with the fellowship program at the University of Texas. In the fall of each year, the fellows rotate for a month at Memorial Hermann hospital and their fellows rotate at Houston Northwest with Dr. Leggett. During the fellows time at Hermann, they will be involved in resident and medical student laparoscopic skills training. There is also opportunity for robotic skills training and certification. Fellows are also expected to participate in a laparoscopic focused journal club. The journal club meets six times per year with all the fellows and fellowship directors. Papers, videos and M & M's are discussed.


7-1-2012 to 6-30-2013            Spogmai Komak, MD
Chieu D. Nguyen, MD
7-1-2011 to 6-30-2012            Benjamin DuBois, MD
Rachel Reeder, MD
7-1-2010 to 6-30-2011            Khoi Du, MD
Heather M. Vasser, MD
7-1-2009 to 6-30-2010            Clayton Hackerman, MD
Sherri L. Parker, MD
7-1-2008 to 6-30-2009            Luis Bonilla, MD
Obos Ekhaese, DO
7-1-2007 to 6-30-2008            Leigh Montes, MD
Alex C. Nguyen, MD
7-1-2006 to 6-30-2007            Aleksandr A. Reznichenko, MD
7-1-2005 to 6-30-2006            Grace J Kim, MD
Guillermo Garcia, MD
7-1-2004 to 6-30-2005           
Michael I Bozuk, MD
Nicole M Fearing, MD
7-1-2003 to 6-30-2004           
Commander Robert J Chastanet, MD
Navy Medical Center
Portsmouth, VA
Michael V Seger, MD
Surgical Consultants of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
7-1-2002 to 6-30-2003           
Darren B Miter, MD
Schenectady Surgical Care Assoc.
Schenectady, NY
7-1-2002 to 6-30-2002           
Erik B Wilson, MD
Academic practice- University of Texas-Houston
7-1-2000 to 6-30-2001           
Hesham M Atwa, MD
Private practice- Port Jefferson, NY
7-1-1999 to 6-30-2000           
Lt Commander Charles D Bissell,
Private practice

Denise Morvant
phone: 281-580-6797

All interested parties should apply thru the MIST Fellowship Council.